Windows 7 Personalize Program Menu

I have three Users setup, all with Administrative Rights. I edited the Program Menu for one of the Users and found that it affected all three Users. You can personalize the Desktop and Backrounds, but why not the Progams that are listed in the Start Menu? Is it possible to setup individual Program Menus where you can have different Programs listed for each User?


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I cannot try this myself, as I do not wish to mess with my already overcustomised installation so, off the cuff:

How did you edit your program list for the mentioned user? there are a few Start menus. I suspect you have customised the one which sits in the Program Data - Microsoft - windows - Start menu folder. This is the general folder for all users. If you look under Users - username - Appdata - Roaming - Microsoft - Windows, you will find the individual Start menu.
However, I would suggest you be ready with your backup before you dive in here. I think that the OS reads the original, ( in Program Data) and incorporates it in the user portion, so it may not be possible to do what you wish.

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