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Nov 16, 2008
Apparently there's a petition to have Microsoft release Windows 7 now... though I agree and think they should get on with things and release it now.. I very much doubt it will work... If you want to "sign" the online petition though click the link below. :)

Release Windows 7™ | | Hey Micorsoft™...We Want You To Release Windows 7™

Here's the article that I found it in..

Eager Fan Campaigns for Windows 7 Release Now - Tom's Hardware

Who knows what could happen though if enough people "sign" it... ;)
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Microsoft would be stupid, idiotic, and absolutely absurd to release the operating system right now. I cant believe someone actually started this petition.

After all the criticism Microsoft received on VISTA there is no doubt in my mind that they will take this OS carefully. There are some majors issues that need to get worked out before releasing the os.

  1. DRIVERS: Very few companies have drivers out there for windows 7 currently. Microsoft has to give companies a chance to build drivers for seven or else they will run into the same problem they did with VISTA.
  2. Kinks in the UI. Recently i have been seeing several flawed aspects of the New Super Bar for instance when i had my adobe dreamweaver CS4 open and i went to see the previews for my mozilla icons the dreamweaver took precedence over the previews so i couldnt see them. Its little things like this that microsoft is trying to hunt down and cure.
  3. We have to remember the only people so far who have used the OS are people who know computers and do it for a living. When there is a problem most of us can diagnose and find a cure for it. However most people cant do it so easily. They would have to call tech support for help and this usually results in unsatisfied customers. This is something i see people tend to forget and even i do it sometimes.
  4. SOFTWARE: many people have been complaining about BSOD this BSOD that. Most of the time i have found this is due to a firewall or antivirus software running incorrectly. Companies havent rewritten their software to work with windows 7 yet.
Im sorry i just cant imagine someone who in their right mind would think microsoft would release this os right now. It's difficult to even imagine. Maybe if they never used VISTA then maybe but yeah. The petition will not go anywhere i can guarantee microsoft will not release this os till the end of the year at the earliest. They cant afford to make the same mistake twice.
I think really that you are a being a bit premature here. Microsoft have to get this one 100% CORRECT to avoid another Vista fiasco.
It was very sensible to release W7 to the general public as a Beta rather than just restrict it to "Computer Techies" and corporate suits.

While it's a bit of a risky strategy (look even on this board at posts such as "How do I get back my previous OS" etc etc.) home computer users have a lot more diverse hardware and do things like gaming etc which will push an OS to its limits.

Corporate suits are quite happy just to have apps like Office working and drivers for various printers. Not a huge test for an OS.
Computer I.T guys on the whole tend to fiddle around with the internals of an OS and can often fix some bits where its broken.

The General public provide an actual much better test of how the OS will work under far more conditions that can possibly be replicated either in a typical office environment, an I.T service dept or even in Microsoft's own labs.

All this stufv does need time for testing -- actually I'm quite surprised how stable the OS is but I'm not a gamer - I fall somewhere between the Office user and a "tinkerer".

This is the first Microsoft OS I've used that performance wise seems to give some Linux distros a run for money (not command line stuff but fully featured distros with GUI's such as SUSE 11,1, Fedora, Mandriva etc).

There will be a temptation to get this released early -- with the generally positive feedback Microsoft will I'm sure do everything possible to get this out of the door ASAP but not at the risk of compromising the quality of the product.
MS won't ever give in to a 'petition' as to when they will release an OS. (I hope)

As the 2 previous posts, it simply would make no sense.

MS will release it when they think it is ready, not before. And this OS will be ready (hopefully), unlike WinME or Vista.
I agree with you all, I never said I didn't.. however, I do have to comment on the fact that there are an awful lot of people proving me right on the hypocrisy thing... hahaha. As demonstrated by the few dozen people on here alone, and many thousand others around the web... this is being demonstrated by those people praising Windows 7 now more than any other MS OS... (don't get me wrong here guys, I love Windows 7 just as much as you all do and I will be spending whatever amount of money I have to in order to have a full retail version of Ultimate as soon as it is released!! ) and all of a sudden they can't say enough bad about Windows Vista..

Now the funny thing here is alot of these same people, not one month ago, were saying things like "Windows Vista isn't that bad of an OS now", "I use Windows Vista and I like it, I don't see why it's getting/got such a bad rap, it sucked at first but now it's alright and very useable..." But if you look closely, these same people have decided to completely through those thoughts out the window (no pun intended.. ;) ) and are now saying things like "Microsoft can't make the same mistake they made with Vista..." and so on... It just never ceases to amaze me at how much a person or people, can say one thing one day and then turn right around and say the complete opposite the next day... Bare in mind folks, I'm not targeting any one person or any group of people here.. I'm just pointing out something that happens ALL THE TIME no matter what the issue and let's face it, it always makes for a good laugh... :)

Now as for this rediculious petition that someone was bored enough to actually make... No it won't get anything done. Windows 7 will be released when it is done and when Microsoft sees fit.. that much any real computer junkie would know.. ;) But you all have to admit, it's funny to see the reactions to such an asinine thing... I know it's been a long time since I actually laughed out loud in front of my computer screen while reading something... but I have to admit, I did today.... ;)

They must be joking, Windows 7 is not ready at this point in time.. there are still bug's that need to be worked out.. why would anyone petition to release it now.. let's not push thing's people !
The petition itself is not a joke. The fact that anyone would actually think it would do something is the joke... ;)
@ djwayne

Agreed. Personally I think the only reason this whole idea was even brought up was because of Microsoft's new approach to building Windows 7.. their not adding anything to 7 until it's deemed "complete" whereas things were done a bit differently in the past, as we all know.. ;) The fact that the beta has been called "Feature Complete" I think it why someone thought this petition idea up.. But as we all know, just because something is called "Feature Complete" (which I don't think 7 IS at this point, yes it's rock solid, perhaps the most stable Beta release from Microsoft to date, but it's certainly not done just because of that... ;) ) Unfortunately though, not everyone thinks before starting wacky ideas like this...
I'd like to see the finished version of Windows 7 as soon as possible myself, however, it's just not ready yet, lots of little bugs and annoyances, conflicts in software, need to be identified and worked out. Today my W7 is working pretty good, but it's been a full time job getting it to this point. It's not plug and play just yet. For the average computer user, that would mean a disaster.
Some people want MS to rush and fail

After using Windows 7 beta, it is a stable OS but does have a few flaws. Personally, I would rather MS take the time to fix the bugs that people are submitting. I have read that the RC build will be released in early April. I might agree with this petition if the RC turns out to be even better then the beta with less bugs and better driver support but not at this point in time.
yeah what everyone else said lol + online petitions never work out. maybe 1 did but i dont think the company changed something because of a online petition. they wer going to change it anyway
According to wikipedia it should be out in July of 09........

Microsoft Windows - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Microsoft Windows is a series of Link Removed due to 404 Error Link Removed due to 404 Error and Link Removed due to 404 Error produced by Link Removed due to 404 Error. Microsoft first introduced an operating environment named Windows in November 1985 as an add-on to Link Removed due to 404 Error in response to the growing interest in Link Removed due to 404 Error (GUIs).[1] Microsoft Windows came to Link Removed due to 404 Error the world's Link Removed due to 404 Error market, overtaking Link Removed due to 404 Error, which had been introduced previously. At the 2004 Link Removed due to 404 Error Directions conference, it was stated that Windows had approximately 90% of the Link Removed due to 404 Error operating system market.[2] The most recent client version of Windows is Link Removed due to 404 Error; the most recent Link Removed due to 404 Error version is Link Removed due to 404 Error. Vista's successor, Link Removed due to 404 Error (currently in public beta) is slated to be released in July 2009.

After doing the fresh install, from a freshly reformatted disk, I can see what everybody is raving about....Windows 7 is sweet !!!
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