PFN_LIST_CORRUPT Windows & Ultimate 64-bit


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I just installed a clean installation of windows ultimate 64Bit,
because i recently upgraded my RAM to 6GB ;I had to install 64Bit windows.
I bought a different brand RAM (2x2 Kingston) to my old pair (1x2 corsair) ,but everything else is the same, same timings and voltage...

I've installed all of my drivers and programs, and now my computer freezes ,and sometimes i get BSOD with this problem - View attachment 20888View attachment 20889

It never happened to me before.. :/
please help..
(I don't know anything about BSOD...)

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Try taking out one stick of ram and see if it happens.
If it still happens, exchange it for the other stick and check it out.

It appears that this problem is often caused by ram issues.

It's a place to start anyway.

I it works with one stick but not the other try replacing the one that doesn't work with a new one.

Also check and see if you get the blue screen errors in Safe Mode.
If you don't it could mean that you have a bad driver someplace.

You could try putting your old ram back in temporarily and see if you still have the problem too.