Phantom mouse clicks

I'm having a problem with my mouse. Lately it seems that a left click will register twice when I press the button once. Sometimes it will just do it as a one of, sometimes it will keep doing it with every click for a while. I've noticed no pattern in when this does or does not happen. Mostly I notice it in Google Chrome; when I go to click a link that will open a new tab it sometimes opens two identical tabs as if I clicked the link twice, or when clicking the "Delete" button in Hotmail, it will delete the next email as well. I have also noticed this effect in Firefox and iTunes, so I don't believe Chrome is the issue. The mouse I have is a Roccat Kone (wired mouse), and they keyboard is a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000 V2.0. I've had both as long as I've had this PC (around two years), but I've only started having this problem in the last couple of weeks. I tried resetting the mouse drivers, but that didn't seem to do anything. While the mouse does have some programmable buttons, left click and right click are not programmable, so it shouldn't be anything like a rogue macro in the mouse settings. To my knowledge I've not changed anything significant recently that would have caused this issue.

I think I've included all relevant info, does anyone have any suggestions? As it's an intermittent issue it might be hard to check solutions.

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