Windows 7 Phone call scam watch the video

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    YouTube - SupportOnClick Scareware Scam Call part 1

    A Friend had a very strange phone call from an obvious "outsource" telling me
    that the security of his computer was in jeopardy, that his system had so many
    viruses that it was going to crash and that the junk mail folder had to be

    This does not begin to describe the tone of the woman at the other end of
    the phone, who was offensive in her assertiveness and insistence once he
    started to question who she worked for and on whose behalf she was phoning.
    She said she worked for Primary Security Software which was a national group
    that monitored illegal activity on computers and that he had illegal and
    compromising files on my system which she was warning him HAD to be removed.
    She wanted him to turn on his computer and follow her instructions to clear my
    files. When he told her that there was no way he was going to do this she
    started the "guilt trip" and told me that if my computer crashed it would be
    my fault.

    He told her that would be just fine.

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