Photo Gallery Sidebar for metadata

I really liked the Photo Gallery that came with Vista. Now that I'm on Windows 7, I see that that sidebar - where date taken, geo tags, and tags are displayed - is no longer available.

Is there any way to get this sidebar in Windows Photo Viewer that came with Windows 7, or Windows Live Photo Gallery that I downloaded and installed? It's a pretty handy tool for me, and is quite important.

It looks like Windows Photo Viewer that came with Windows 7 , or Windows Live Photo Gallery don't have the feature I'm looking for. And what's even more, it skips video files in a folder when doing a slideshow. In Photo Gallery on Vista, videos played as well as displayed photos.

I'm loving Windows 7, but I really want those Photo Gallery features.

Anyone know how I can get that old version of Photo Gallery from Vista to Windows 7?

I'm having the same problem! Where is the sidebar on Windows Photo Viewer? Why did they disable it? Having a sidebar with the pictures properties info was very very useful. I don't understand why it was removed. Please, does anyone know how to re-enable this sidebar?


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