IMAGES Photo software to use with Window's 7


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I used to have Window's XP and when I wanted to print photos I could do it with the built in software. It gave me the options of choosing the size photo, how many, etc. Everything I have tried with Window's 7 requires me to either buy photos from some other website or print only in 8X10 or 4X6 or makes a collage.

Does anyone know of software I could buy that is similair to the way my Windows XP worked?


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Hi Sue535 :)

Try Paint.Net (freeware) apart from a great graphics application and very good photo editor it has built in printing software with a range of choices and a clear easy to use interface, when installed Click > File > Open and browse your computer for photos then when you have your photo in Paint.Net Click . File > Print and you will see (see screen shot below)


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