So there is a photo STICKY on the START UP SCREEN. I put a few pics in the photos folder and they scroll on the desktop.

#1. Is there a way to select <or better yet, DESELECT> the photos that appear in the SCROLL ... and
#2. Is there a photo editor in WIN8 at all? I've looked and tried to click on a picture to edit it to no avail. I looked on Canon's website and the ZOOMBROWSER software is not available for WIN8 x64. Whattodo whattodo...that is my favorite photo app that works well with my camera. THOUGHTS?



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If you right click the folder that these pictures are located in and uncheck index file contents, then disable and re-enable the live tile on the photo hub, they shouldn't appear. Only catch is you have to put photos you don't want to appear in a separate folder.

I went into ALL APPS, COMPUTER, and then PICTURES. I have the picture I don't want to scroll in its own folder as you suggested (I will add others once I figure this thing out). When I right click, however, I do not see anything that says INDEX FILE CONTENTS. More help is needed. THANKS!


If I'm on the right wavelength regarding your query...

> Personalize (Rt Clk on Desktop, it's the last thing @ the bottom of the menu) > Desktop Slide Show & click on that. In the scroll box select the 'group' of photos you want to use. Clear ALL, then next select the ones you DO want. Set the time interval & Shuffle or not & you're done :)

I use what's in Pictures Library @ 10 secs.

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You mean in the photo app on the start screen, right? You have to put pictures you dint want to appear in a separate folder and then right click the FOLDER and go to properties>> advanced>> uncheck "allow files in this folder to have contents indexed in additional to properties". Or I suppose you could move the folder to a different location that wasn't included in your picture library.

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