Photos in Live Mail

Just recently I have been unable to receive any photo's attached to incoming emails.

Can anyone advise me to how to rectify this frustrating problem

Many Thanks


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Hello and welcome to the forums,

Can you please elaborate on the problem? Obviously it is occurring in Windows Live Mail, but what kind of issue are you having? Is the attachment just not showing up at all? You may want to check your settings in Live Mail, but we will need a bit more information. Live Mail is used by millions, so it would be unusual if only you can't receive images. If you would like, I can try to send you a test image to your e-mail address if you would like to provide it to me in a PM.

Kind regards.


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Open the "Tools" - "Safety Options" and then the Security Tab.
Make sure you have not blocked incoming images or attachments.

Hi I have left a message for Mike in a PM and Rak I have checked the secutiry tab as suggested and I taken the check mark out of the box that says "Block Images and other external content from HTML email". I have a check in the box that says " Show images and external content sent from email addresses in my safe senders list" I have tried to send an email to myself from my second email address and the email with the photo attached still has not arrived but the email with purley text has

Many thanks but still not getting emails with photos attached, any more advise will be more than welcome


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Are you getting the attachments in the browser-based client?
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Also, you could try installing the new version of Windows Live Mail, it may fix the problem.
Windows Live Essentials Beta

Hi Michael

I am not getting the actual email. I have friends email me with a photo attached and an email with just text. The email with the text appears but not the one with the photo

Any further advise will be most welcome and is it possible just to uninstall Live Mail and reinstall without programmes like messenger etc which comes with the essentials package?

Many Thanks


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Yes You can do it quite easily by going into the Control panel (Icon view) and selecting "Programs and features". Select windows LIve and then "Uninstall/Change" You can then adjust the programs to whatever you wish.
But I don't think that is going to solve the problem.
I have tried every conceivable option and still cannot emulate this. If I can get the same result I'll come back soonest. Maybe , meanwhile, someone else has an idea.
I had a quick browse and found this. Could it help?
Send photographs over emails as attachments


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Yes, at the link provided, there is an option to choose the programs you want, it should be over to the right. :)

Thank you for your replies and help so far Mitchel and Rak

I havent installed the Beta Version yet because I want to see if I can solve the problem beofre doing that. When I go Programmes and Features I have the following ~~ Windows live Essentials, Windows Live ID Assistant and Windows Live Synch.

If I do choose to remove them and then install the Beta version, do I remove all three and will that remove Live Mail so that I can do a completely new and clean install

Once again many thanks for your help so far


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You don't need to uninstall, the new version will overwrite the old version.
So the email with the pictures simply isn't reaching your inbox? Sounds more like a problem on your friends end to me.

Thanks once again Mitch

The problem seems related to more that one friend that has sent emails with photos. I have even emailed myself with another email account of mine but still the same.

Will see how things go and I can always try the Beta version and see if that resolves the problem

Kindest regards


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Keep us posted :)

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