Windows 7 PHP5 compatibility issue with Win7 RC?


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May 30, 2009
Hi, I have been running Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, and Wordpress on an XP system, I then migrated to Vista. All worked fine. I just upgraded to Win7 RC and installed the 32 bit version of Apache 2.2.11 (I'm running a quadcore 64 bit AMD system). Since not everything I listed above has a 64 bit version, I installed the 32 bit version of all - but only got as far as Apache and PHP (sort of).

To install on the Win7 system, I first installed Apache and verified that it is working. So far so good. I then installed PHP 5.2.9-2. Although it appears to be installed and integrated with Apache (I see it in the service monitor) when I try to run any PHP file, it just echoes back the PHP command. I used the standard <?php phpinfo(); ?>. Rather than seeing the info panel, I only see <?php phpinfo(); ?> echoed back to me. I installed and configured the same way I previously had for XP and Vista.

I've temporarily disabled UAC and also tried installing Apache from the command line as administrator (even though it installed and ran fine from the .msi file.

I've gone through all my .conf and .ini files with a fine tooth comb but cannot find a reason PHP doesn't appear to run under Win7 RC. Granted I put the newest versions of all on my Win7 machine. Under Vista I had been running Apache 2.2.6 and PHP 5.2.4.

I'm at my wits end with this one. Anyone have any ideas?
Hello and Welcome,

Your best bet would be to go to the developers page and verify that they are compatible with Windows 7.
PHP % manual installation works simply great on Win7x64 but the only glitch is that I couldn't configure the PHP.INI for ISAPI. The CGI works simply as expected.
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