Physical Crash Memory Dump (Blue screen)

Hi, I have been using Windows 7 with some pretty aggravating issues. I reformatted the OS and it was working fine for about a week until my computer at startup started going to blue screen, with a message stating "physical crash memory" dumping to disc and it tries to load to 100 and that's when I would have to shut off the computer. This happened before and after a restart it would work fine again, but now it happens everytime I boot up the PC. I tried reinstalling Windows 7 by doing the custom installation and formatting the disc partition but once it copies the windows files and installs the OS again it goes to the blue screen with the physical crash dump. Even worse, now it says the boot MGR is missing and there are lines going down through my monitor everytime i reboot. I tried deleting the disc partition hoping it would start from scratch but the problem still persists. Can anyone please give me any ideas and what could be the cause of these issues? Please, thank you.:confused:


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Are you telling the whole story about how your system is set up..? Are you dual booting or anything else that would not be a normal system?

Do you have windows update setup to automatically install all updates, which includes driver updates.

I would start in safe mode and remove any hardware drivers that had been installed since your original install. Set Windows to ask about updates so you can check which ones are being done. The lines through the screen might mean a video driver, but I do not know why the MRB is messed up...

I didn't leave anything out? It started when I installed Windows 7 64 bit, before I was using Vista 32 bit. It would run fine then these problems started occuring randomly. I installed the right video driver, but even when decided to install back to Vista I'm getting the same errors now. I'm running safe mode right now through Vista, and there are seperated yellow columns running down my screen and if I let my computer boot up it goes to the blue screen again and crashes. I don't know how to get into my BIOS or what to even do if I somehow got in it. I don't think any of my hardware got damaged or died in my computer, I feel like something happened in my BIOS that caused this...if anyone has any more answers please let me know, thank you.


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Have you tried doing a repair install of Vista? Or a SFC /scannow check? I notice when I dual boot from a 32 to 64 bit system I get some message about memory problems not being carried over or something. Maybe something is left from the x64 install that is causing problems.


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Can you send the minidump file?

I've tried the repair install but it wouldn't work. I forgot what the error was but it wouldn't run a repair of Vista or Windows do I get the minidump file?

UPDATE--going back to Vista 32 bit, had to run it in safe mode and ran a system restore. It was working fine (but still had the blue lines running through the screen), but when I restarted the blue screen issue came back again. I don't know what to do it sounds like something has affected my BIOS or there is a corrupted file somewhere I can't find. Any more help greatly appreciated.

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Can you save your all you Documents, Pictures, contacts, videos, music, etc to a flash drive,

Be aware, you will need to re-install your 3rd party applications

The download this tool to wipe the hard drive completely,.

Then create a partition for Windows 7 with a size of 60GB,. Post back with the results,. there are other steps to take,..

Thanks but where's the link for the download?

reghakr could i please get the download link so i can try erasing the harddrive?

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