Picture and transparency buging up on random ocasions

Hi i have a problem on random ocasions my pictures set on the desktop get edgy and gradients dont work anymora here are the pictures of the normall picture and the buged picture. Hope somone can tell me why this happens.
Capture1.PNG Capture.PNG

I can post my PC hardware configuration but in short i have a windows 64 bit and a ati radeon HD mobility 5740 HD 1GB

I sometimes can fix it by reloading the theme i saved.


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There's a couple of threads I'm linking to. The first touches on the images colour profile. The second goes into how the image is loaded.

NO it is not like in thouse threads you sent me links to... look at this picture somtimes it just gouse like this and nothing can change it... even the transpeancy gets crewed and all windows components ust go whacho square... like on this picture: :(


and it is everywhere.... my drivers are updated to the last one... maybe that couses this to happen?

Restarting teh explorer eases a bit the edges but the disapear compleatly only after a full restart.

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.... my drivers are updated to the last one... maybe that causes this to happen?
It could/would be the cause if everything was hunky dory before you updated your drivers.

Where did you get your updated drivers from? You should always go to the hardware manufacturers site to update your drivers. In your case, ATI ?? Never use the built in Microsoft method to update if you can possibly help it.

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Ofcourse i used the ATI drivers. To test this in detail i tried to change my color profiles. But on test on gradiant colors i get gradients in the green and orange gradients. here is a screen shot of thouse things, i used AIDA64 and on 2 spectral pallets i see a clear smudge on the yellow margin.... i have no idea if teh images got saved right but if not i can color the area where the color is ofset.

Capture.PNG the blue gradiend, orange one and gray one looks same ~.~

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I just read up that this is a problem with the color managment.... how can i reset all color menagment in the system to true color???


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I'm not sure about changing all Colour Management to True Colour. But here is an issue I had a problem with.

I discovered my monitor was using a Colour Profile called 831WS (or something!). Now, I know windows uses the sRGB IEC61966-2.1 as its Default Colour Profile. So I changed the monitors colour profile and things have improved, but I still think the fringing is because Windows is taking your quality PNG / BMP image (which don't have fringing) and converting and then using a crappy JPG copy instead.

To change or check the colour profile, GoTo:-

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Display >> Change Display Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Colour Management Tab >> Colour Management... button.

AHAA that could be the couse... this time when i installed my OPS from scratch i installed my GPU driver before the delivered drivers... they probably have in them set upp teh default profile. And this is not a proble wit h the conversion ebcouse it shows up in generated aplications to.

Ok i figured out which color was essing all my colors.... it was the green color... for some reson it is to stron on my pc... no idea why..... when i turn it down forn only .1 all gets ok.. but this ocuurs randomly.. it just happens and usually everything is ok... can somone give me some advice what might be wrong and why my PC likes to jump in the alpha so much...

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