Picture disappears

I was doing regularly what i do on my computer, and suddendly when i was writing on skype, picture disappeared,black screen, monitor still blue (power button, not orange, didnt turn power saving mode), and i heard 2 strange sounds, btw i was listening music on yt, and after that 2 sounds, music also stopped.
What could be the problem?


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Interesting problem.

How is your PC now? Could you reboot and restart? If not what did you see?
There are too much possibilities now:
- overheating, dust in yor PC or a fan has stopped
- outside power problem
- defective part in yopur PC; powersupply, main board ,...
- malware

And please tell us which PC you are using.

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it happens , lets say one time in 3 weeks. fans are good, no dust in pc, i cleaned week ago full inside, no malwares, checked, defective part is possible.
By pc im using, do you mean configuration or?


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Tell as much as possible, every thing helps.

There is a change that there is a dump. That will be of great help.

Is it possible that you follow the steps in the "Blue screen" section of this forum and post here what comes out?

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