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I have a folder full of images that I use for my desktop background changer (from the Control Panel in Win7 Home Premium-32). It works fine, but when I change the image order in the folder itself (by putting numbers at the start of file names), that does not appear in the background changer, even though the images are in the new order in my folder/file tree.
How do I get the desktop background changer to recognize the new order? Here is what I have tried so far.
1. Using a different set of images from the Browse options in the Control panel window, having "cleared all" the original ones, playing that for a while then going back and browsing to the folder of choice. That did not work.
2. Rebooting. That did not work.
Win 7 seems fixed on my original order. Now, if I could get that folder out of the drop-down list and start again, that might do the trick? How do I do that?

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Well, well. After playing around with this for ages, well, days, I went back to it after starting this thread and the problem has self-corrected. It is as though there was a very long lag time for windows to recognize my file-order change. Anyway, I think the problem has gone away.

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