Pictures and Drives not showing


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Hi All,

I hope you can help me with these problems.

I have 2 problems that seem to happen around 2 months after clean install of W7.
All my images in folders stop showing as images and only show as blank icons.
My other problem is I have to wait for my drives to show in my computer,most of the time they don't show at all and I have to reboot.

As I don't know the correct terms for these problems as you can read so I thought I would post the images below to try and make things easier.
I'm using build 7100.
Thanks for viewing.

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Control Panel > Folder Options > View > Display icons - or simply click to restore default settings.

(also windows explorer > service > folder options)


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Thanks very much for that, I'm not sure why I would have to do that but it worked.
These forums are going to be very useful.


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After using the PC for a hour or so doing video editing etc the pictures don't show again just like before so I have to reset the folders like you said and then reboot to get them to show.

This is what it's done before and the only way I can get it to work all the time is when I reformat, then it works okay for a couple of months until I get in this problem again.

Anymore advice?


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I still have the problem.
If I do as said in the previous post and reboot some of my images show as they should but not all of them.
After using the computer for a while none of them show until I reboot.
I'm in to photography and have 3 large drives with images so this is a real pain when looking for something.

The only way I've found a cure to the problem is to reformat, then for about 2 months or so every image on all drives show as they should, then I end up where I am now.

Any more ideas please?


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I've come back to this forum in the hope that someone can solve this problem as it's driving me mad.
After spending weeks seaching around I've found this problem is much more common than I first thought and loads of people are having it but
I still haven't found a fix.
I've tried every idea out there like reseting the icon cache and all the others and none of them work.
I know if I re-format it will solve the problem but it's a real pain to install all my programs again.
I've attached a couple of images to show the problem, as you can see from the second one I can't even access my drives from the computer menu now.
I'm starting to think there isn't a fix to this problem or can this forum solve it?
Plenty of links to this problem avalible if wanted.


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