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SWMBO has windows 7 on her PC, and does a lot of work with graphics.

To make finding them easier she went to a lot of trouble putting a representative image on the icon for each folder in Windows Explorer (File manager to the over 40's). Each time she has done this however Windows 7 replaces them randomly, often with images from different folders. This and random changes between icons, list and details happen each time she opens Exprorer.

Is there a way to fix the folder images so they stay as set, and fix the folders of non graphical files so they stay in list mode?


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Hi Trog and Welcome to The Forum.

...Is there a way to fix the folder images so they stay as set...
As far as I am aware the image within a folder, in large icon view, changes with regards to the latest file(s) added. If you want to always have the same picture 'poking out' of the folder then make a jpg of that image and name it folder. That image is always then displayed regardless.

...and fix the folders of non graphical files so they stay in list mode.....
Select a folder and set its view as you wish. Then on the menu bar select Tools >> Folder options... >> View tab. Select the Apply to Folders button. Do this for General, Documents, Music etc.

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My wife has tried naming the image she wanted on the folder Folder.jpg. But Windows is still just using any random image often one from another drive entirely.


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Hi Trog, try this:

Delete your Thumbcache files with the Disk Cleanup Utility (Press Start, (My) Computer, Right click C: Drive (your Main or System Drive), Properties, Click on the Disk Clean Up button). Thumbnails is one of the options you can choose to clean up.

Then delete your (hidden) IconCache.db which you'll find in your C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Local folder.

Finally re-start.

That may (only may) cure it.


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I use a lot of custom icons on my folders in Windows Explorer.
I create most of them myself and place them all in a folder named My Icons on my D:\ drive.

Use the Properties/Customize option to select a new icon and direct it to your folder.
This works for me and they don't change once I set them.



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