Pin to Explorer no longer functions

For some several months now I have been happily using the "Pin to Explorer" function as a means of quickly accessing several folders, last night Windows installed a critical update of some sort and on rebooting this morning, right clicking the explorer folder on the task bar showed all my pinned folders gone, I dragged a folder to the task bar and got the "Pin to Windows Explorer" option which I selected, but to no avail, nothing is pinned any longer. I do have "store recently opened programs" checked as well as the second option "store and display recently opened... etc"
this seems not to have any effect.

I tried a system restore prior to the update, no change.

any suggestions as to how to restore this function?


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This isn't working for me either.

What I did notice is that if I drag a folder to the task bar a menu opens up that shows that the folders I previously dragged there are pinned.

However I don't see anyway to open this menu other then dragging something to the task bar.
I looked through the options but didn't see anything that looked like it applied.

You might be interested in Rocket Dock.
I use this along with the task bar and it's really helpful.
I have about 40 things on mine and it keeps my desktop nice and clean.

RocketDock - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET

It will let you drag folders and file to it with no problems.


Nice one! Cheers Mike, Rocket Dock is just the job.:eek:

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