Windows 7 Pinned Start Menu

I am wondering if anyone can help with this problem I am having... for some reason the Start menu.. the portion you can pin programs to, doesnt seem to be working correctly. I thought I found the directory that it uses:

C:\Users\Raevyn\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\User Pinned\StartMenu

but for some reason, any changes I make such as adding or removing a program shortcut, isnt taking effect within the menu itself. Is there any directory that I can make these edits? The problem I have is I want to rename some of them but some wont let me so I thought going to the directory itself would allow that.

If you right-click the shortcut you have pinned and go to "Properties"- under the "General" tab, at the very top, you can rename it. :)

I personally make use of toolbars, its a much easier way to open programs and folders. See:

Windows Safety Tips, Hotkeys and Shorcuts

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