Pinned Taskbar Items Disappearing when Program Opens

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When I open a program that has been pinned to the taskbar, the icon for that program disappears immediately. I understand that this is a feature of Windows 7, but my girlfriend finds it rather annoying. Is there any way to stop this behavior? By the way, I am using the "Never Combine" option for my taskbar.

For example, the first icon pinned in the taskbar is Mozilla Firefox. When I open Firefox, the icon disappears, and only the other pinned icons remain. I would like to change this behavior so that the icon, once pinned, will remain, even if I open the program associated with it.


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I understand that this is a feature of Windows 7
IT's not a feature. This is a glitch and I don't think you can change this behavior yet. I've seen this happen a couple of times (only with firefox) but when you hit the Alt-Tab buttons to switch to Firefox the button shows up again


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Is Firefox the only one that this happens with? Maybe it's installation is botched. ComputerJy is right. That's not a normal feature.

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