Windows 7 Pins HDD


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I find the task bar good, Of course i was use to have a really big Quick launch bar in XP.

Anyway, i'm trying to Pin my Hard drives. I have like 6 HDD in my case, 2 Raids for the install, and 4 data, plus sometimes my USB key. I had in quick launch bar all my drives pin there. Tho it seems in Windows 7, you can pin every program by eighter right click and choose Pin to taskbar, or even just drag and drop... But not for the Hard drive from My Computer.

Anyway to do it?


If you right click on the Start menu and go to Properties, then tick the 'Store and display recently opened items..' box then this will give you access to jump lists. Once you access a drive, say D then it will appear in the Explorer shortcut that you made under 'Recent'. All you have to do is then pin this to the list. See below where I have pinned Z to the list for quick access.


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