Windows 7 Plagued by random BSoD since minor upgrades


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Apr 9, 2010
Good afternoon folks!

I've been looking around to find advice or help in regards to the recent and abundant BSoD happening on my system since doing some fairly minor changes to it.

Below are my current system specs

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64-bit Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600
Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4
AMD Phenom(tm) II X2 550 BE BIOS Version/Date. F2, 03/12/2009
2x2GB Patriot Sector 5 DDR3-1333 CAS 9 (but looks like it's CAS 7 in the bios) in slots 3 and 4
XFX Radeon 5770 1GB with Catalyst 10.3
300GB Hitachi SATA 2 HD
650w Silverstone Zeus Power Supply

Prior to running into these errors, I was sporting a 8800GT from EVGA and stock heatsink and fan with the RAM in slots 1 and 2 but now that I have my Noctua NH-12P installed, I had to change the RAM to 3 and 4. Also, I have removed the DVD drive.

With this original setup, I never once ran into a BSoD so it seems like something isn't happy somewhere. I have confirmed the RAM is fine by running the Microsoft program upon start up.

Anyway, lets get down to the issues.

My system has become highly unstable regardless of whether I am playing games, browsing the web, or even opening documents. Typically, I get a BSoD and it will count upwards to create the dump and then reboot but sometimes it won't; however, I do have some examples below. I also get BSoD in regards to Memory_Management and even a Quota_Underflow message.

Usually before these happen, the screen will freeze and a glitch/distorted line will go across the top of my screen.

When I reboot the system, my keyboard will not work even though the back light is on and it typically throws me through the repair feature where, once it "repairs", I get the Memory_Management BSoD.

Sometimes when I load up Windows, the computer will just reboot without a BSoD.

Other things I have noticed is the startup time hangs for a couple seconds before posting the Master/Slave IDE ports (mine is on 5) and Firefox will need to shut down.

I hope this covered most of the information needed. It's a lot to remember.



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Additional information which I forgot to mention is the fact that it seems to be somewhat random. In spite of these errors, I can usually surf the web or play a game for a fair amount of time before it happens. The first time I ran into a BSoD with this new setup was several hours after the installation.

But once it happens, it seems to get progressively worse until power is terminated. The last time I had to hit the master power switch, and power cycle the computer before it would come back on and since then it's been fine.
Well it looks like things took a VERY bad turn for the worst.

After getting hit by another BSoD, the computer will not even boot past the login screen where it will just immediately reboot and continuously do so. If I try to run the repair function, i get a Memory_management BSoD and even if I load from the Windows CD I am hit with another BSoD stating Memory_management. I was lucky once and got into the boot up menu from CD, but hit repair thinking it would solve the issue. Nothing. Now, I'm fighting to get back into the menu off the CD to just nuke the drive, cursing along the way.

I also tried reseating my memory in Slots 1 and 2 but nothing.

This really sucks and all for installing a new graphics card and heat sink....

Now, it seems like when I can go into the installer menu (seems consistent now, no BSoD) but when I select the hard disk to reformat, it's grayed out. I can browse on it to find drivers or an image, but it will not let me reformat even after trying different SATA ports. When I boot up without the CD Rom attached, it gives a boot sector failed message.

Looks like I might need to buy another HD just to find out what the hell is wrong with the rest of this computer. Either that, or it's about to go out the window.
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