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    As I mentioned in what we shall now call Part 1... "I have all of my music on my D drive on my laptop and I use Foobar portable as my music player. I have foobar set up as my default player for ALL music formats (Flac, Ape, Alac, MP3...). If I go into my music folder and open a band folder (thank you microsoft for not letting me goup my 600 folders by letters of the alphabet... it makes things soooo much easier) and then open an album folder and then click Play All nothing happens. Let me rephrase that... nothing happens 2 out of 3 times."

    It seems I figured out the problem, and I was hoping someone could either confirm they have either same problem, or offer a solution to fix it.

    Windows 7 is limited to 15 files. If I click "Play All" in a folder with 15 or less tracks they play using Foobar, but if there's 16 or more tracks nothing happens. Also, If I go into a folder containing 16 or more tracks, but only highlight the first 15, I can then right click and see "Open" as an option, but that option isn't there with 16 or more. (see the screenshots)

    15. 16.

    Also, If I highlight 15 files and click "Open" in the toolbar all 15 songs play, but If I highlight 16 songs and click "Open" it only plays the first one. How do I removes this very annoying limitation?

    Solved. I had to modify "MultipleInvokePromptMinimum" in the registry.
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