Playing Blu-Ray discs on my Windows 7 laptop

I just bought my first movie on Blu-Ray format and put it in the built in Blu-Ray Player on my ASUS Quad Core laptop running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit OS.

Got this error message: "Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD. The disc was created in a manner that the Player does not support." There was a tab for "Web Help" so I hit it and got a lot of nothing from Microsoft.

How can I play Blu-Ray discs on my laptop?

Cordially, Bob Kiger


Noob Whisperer
To the best of my knowledge there is no native support for Blu-Ray within Windows 7, it's a Sony owned proprietary format and according to what I've read, would have increased the cost of Windows 7, some $30 per license, so while much talked about was never to my knowledge included in the RTM.
So I would have thought that ASUS would have bundled some type of Third Party Software like WinDVD or something else to support playing Blu-Ray, but if not you may need to resort to purchasing such a program there are plenty that fill the bill (Cyberlink, Roxio, Nero, Corel, etc), I would suggest looking here to make sure that the product is Win7 compatable or even better logo'd Windows 7 Compatibility Center software browse results - Photo & Video - CD/DVD Utilities
Maybe even a call or email, to your vendor or ASUS may provide some help.

powerdvd ultra

hi I had similar disappointing results from W7 and blue ray, and the only effective way round it is to use someone elses software, more money of course, I use PowerDVD ultra. It works fine.

I followed the link to the list of Windows 7 certified [and not certified] Blu-Ray players and am honing in on two. PowerDVD and WinDVD. Way down the list is SONY Vegas which is, in reality, a high powered video editing suite. Since SONY owns the Blu-Ray patent rights, I guess they stay out of the player business to allow others to make software "machines" so they can collect royalties? !

Thanks for the pointers. I will be back to report when I purchase the player.

Bob Kiger - Videography Lab

I chose PowerDVD Ultra and it works quite well. Thanks to all.

Bob Kiger - Videography Lab


Noob Whisperer
Thanks for letting us know what you decided to use to resolve your issue. Any other issues, let us know

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