Windows 8 Playing well with Windows 8: Will other browsers work with the new OS?


Extraordinary Robot
Jun 27, 2006
Mozilla and Google say they are building Windows 8-enabled browsers, and Opera Software is looking into the possibility, too. Still, it may not be as easy as with previous Windows operating systems thanks to Microsoft's new "Metro" user interface.

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I read browser comments like this often. Afraid I am missing something. I have FF running without any customising tricks. It matters not, to me, how it got there, it is also on my taskbar as a shortcut.

Firefox 11, Google Chrome & Opera all work just fine on Windows 8 CP. FF is my default browser, Chrome 2nd, Opera 3rd, & IE last. Take your pick, any can be used as your default browser. I use FF for it's "No Script" option, perhaps the most secure extension written. Plus, it's getting better, as was a major player in the development of the HTML5 that we have today.

There are a few other browsers (Safari) & some small projects like SeaMonkey (mostly used on Linux OS's), but the above are the main players.