PLEASE HELP AT WITS END! HP 620 Windows 7 0xc000000e

Evening all,

First time poster so I
don't know whether this is the right section in the forum or not.

My trusty 620 laptop has been with me for nearly 2 years now and has never let me
down, it gets a lot of use since I am a teenager and I'm constantly on social
networking sites, listening to music etc. I love it to pieces I suppose. Anyway
tonight I turned it on and connected to the internet. Internet Explorer froze so
I tried to open the task manager but it didn't work. The whole froze up and my
wallpaper turned white. I turned it off by holding the button for 5 seconds then
turned it on again but Windows wouldn't boot, I tried F8 and F11 but it just won
boot. I have a good knowledge of computers so I'm willing to try fix it. I inserted my Windows 7 disk, it took forever to get to the recovery options. I first tried start up repair but it took all night and I gave up. It did diagnose disk errors however. I decided to try lanch check disk in command prompt but it wont let me because the disk is being used. I cant find a way to make check disk load straight after the BIOS. I tried bootrec too. It just wont
work. Im so worried because I have everything on that hard drive and all signs
are pointing to that its damaged.

Please offer any idea that might help. If I could find a way to extract my important file off it onto a DVD and reinstall Windows 7 I'd be happy enough.


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It does very much appear that you might have a hard drive failure. I'd try removing it, installing it into a usb caddy (very inexpensive (about £5) if you don't have one) and see if you can read files from the drive on another pc as an external drive via usb.

Hi and thank you for the fast response. In bootrec all the operations completed like bootfix etc. Surely that indicates that the drive is not physically damaged? The drive does show up in the BIOS as well and chkdsk recognises the file system as NTFS. Its a laptop so I cant remove it easily as well as that I'm only 17, still at school and unemployed. I thought that this could be a file error due to the fact that the laptop froze up as the desktop was still loading. The drive doesnt sound like its doing much now, just a sound every so often.



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If you have important data stored on there I'd still see the removal option as safest. If the startup repair hasn't sorted it for you then you are in danger of going down the road of trying repair/recovery "wizards" which, if there are problems may do more harm than good. Removal of a laptop hard drive and installation to a usb caddy is very straightforward and, I believe, the safest way to try and preserve important data files.

Cans you provide the details on the laptop? The manufacturer, model number, and such? This will help us with getting specific instructions to pull the hard drive out.

Depending on the hard drive that is in your system you may or may not be able to place it into a enclosure, but most HDD's that have been made in the last 5 years can connect to an enclosure.

If you have no access to Windows, and cannot successfully use windows recovery tools to access windows then you have no choice but to get access to it from a working pc to copy the data over. IE (through an enclosure, or cable strait into a desktop ).

Despite the bootrec indicating everything is okay and checkdsk recognizing ntfs it does not mean the HDD is okay. You could just be experiencing intermittent hardware problems. Ultimately, it is unlikely at this point to think that it is anything but you harddrive. I would start there.

If you can provide us the details of the laptop we can explain how to remove the HDD and find a decently priced enclosure to work with or cabling solution.

Do yourself a favor next time, backup regularly.

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