Please Help!: Cannot change wallpaper/theme :(

Hi all, i am new to this forum so forgive me if i dont make sense :p i normally manage to fix problems quite easily without using forums :(

I upgraded my laptop yesterday from vista to win7 using the in place install, worked so well! so i decided to do the same with my computer today (my computer was running Vista 64 bit home premium, now runs 64 bit home premium of win7)

problem is, i cant seem to change my desktop, its stuck on solid colours, ive tried everything to change it, (Created new accounts/ease of use centre/tried to select themes etc)

when i select a theme my taskbar changes, but my wallpaper stays solid colour

Anybody who can help would be very appreciated! thanks!

I'm assuming you've tried using the wallpaper changer in the personalize menu. (Right Click Desktop>Personalize) But have you tried right clicking a wallpaper and selecting "Set as desktop background" ?

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[lang=da]jeg havde intet problem med at skifte tema eller baggrund i windows7 starter selvom mange skriver det kan man ikke men jeg brugte dette program : Stardock MyColors.Ink og valgte linket neden under
Think Green Gadgets.Ink
ser skide flot ud Green gadgets baggrund hvor kloden beværger sig når man går ind i start menuen
det skulle i prøve dette link det er bare kanon[/lang]


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Check graphics drivers, did you update those too after your upgrade?

check your WIE see if there are any discrepancies.


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Something of this nature is usually related to:

A) a virus/malware problem on the PC. Run Malwarebytes to make sure your PC is clean
B) a problem in the Group Policy - usally would be presented with an error when trying to change the background.

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