PLEASE HELP!- Desktop Gone!

I have recently purchased a new laptop loaded with 7. About 2 months into using it, my desktop disapeard. I thought it might be windows explorer not coming on at startup, but the taskbar is still there! All of my files are still on my drive in My Computer, just not visually on the desktop. Any help would be great. Thanks


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Not sure, what you have or haven't done in the way of attempting to diagnose the problem so let's start with the basics.
Right click any blank area of the desktop, go to view and then click "Show Desktop Icons"

Thanks it worked. I wasnt even aware that show icons was an option


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Cheers to Trouble :D


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Would that they were all that easy. Anyway glad you have it resolved, and thanks for posting back with the update. Please hang around, browse, learn and share your experiences.

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