Windows 7 Please Help: Fallout 3 Problem

Jan 18, 2009
I'm looking for a way to have relations with Nova (the cute Redhead in Fallout 3). I made my way around town pilfering and selling enough to bed the sexy wench, but in the sack she offered no favors! :confused: I cannot concentrate on the rest of the game (or life in general) until I have coitus with her. Please help.
I'll Eat Her

Since there seems to be no way to have coitus with this red headed bitch, I instead ripped her apart and ate her intestines like this video shows:

Somewhere in the region are a couple of cute whores with negligee on. Hopefully I won't have to eat them, but instead copulate and enjoy bodily pleasures that way. Although I must admit, eating Nova raw was an 'uplifting' experience. :D
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dude ur messssed up, didn't u also post this in a mirror's edge thread?

This is that game with the thin red-headed Asian girl, right? Tell me, is it possible to have sex with her in this game? It seems that it is a first person mode and you would be the girl - so having sex with it would be like masturbating instead of having sex with it.

Edit: I just realized this is the demo version and there is probably little chance that they would let you have sex with it. Afterall, if they let you have sex with it right away what would be the point in spending part of your gov't check on the game. Silly me. Still, I would like someday to have sex with it
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