Please help. Identifying - no internet access. windows 7!!


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Ok I have been dealing with this problem for about 5 days and I can't stand it anymore. My home internet constantly is on identifying no internet access. But I can connect to the wireless. Sometimes it works for a bit then drops off to no internet access. This is very frustrating and I am running 64bit windows 7.

I AM NOT VERY GOOD WITH COMPUTERS so I may need instructions if it is too complicated. Please help me this is driving me crazy.

I have tried to reset the router and all the easy things.
It also drops to no internet for my xbox and ipod touch also. :mad::mad:

A few things- the computer is brand new, the wireless in unsecured, and we have 2 of these computers and the other one works fine?????? BUT my xbox and ipod touch both drop it too, so it can't just be my computer?

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Hi bmx,
have you tried contacting your ISP? Also have you ran any malware or anti virus scans?


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The computer is brand new i doubt I have an viruses and I don't think it is my ISP because other computers work but mine doesnt and neither does my xbox or ipod (which is why I think it isn't a virus also)

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