please help i'm at my wits end with all this noise i keep hearing

Please if anyone can help I would be greatly appreciated, i've attached my System information as a text file if there's any info not there please let me know. I've had my HP G62 notebook for 1 month and 3 days and i've updated my realtek audio drivers about 5 times, i've updated my bios 3 times, i've performed system restore once and i've performed system recovery once.

Everytime I have audio played whether from mp3 or any other audio format, as well as watching any video file, dvd disc, streaming video, the audio has buzzing and almost like feedback noise, i've used numerous media players and the noise is always there but in different spots, i've listened to the music on another laptop (using windows vista) and it's sounded fine but when on this laptop the noise is there. I record my own music and when recording there's no noise but when i play it back it's there, and when i send the audio files off to people they dont hear the noise.

there are two audio driver's on this system:

1. ATI High Definition Audio Device
2. Realtek High Definition Audio

any other info should be like i said in the attachment, if not please let me know.

thank you View attachment system information.txt


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Hi Daren,

Strange issue you have here.

You can try updating the Realtek audio drivers. The latest ones are being tracked here:

Is the noise also on headphones during playback? If it is not, this would give credibility to the possibility that it is a hardware issue. But since it worked fine under Vista, you should make sure you have the latest drivers. I have looked at the info you've provided and I get the sense this is a hardware problem. Has it always been happening? It could very well be a speaker defect or something wrong with the output channel. Examine your sound settings carefully and make sure that you are outputting the proper channels. For instance, under both Playback Devices and Recording Devices (when you right-click on the Sound icon), make sure that no boost or gain has been added. Other than that, this would remain a mystery.

Suggest you:

Update the drivers
Check the audio output when using headphones
Make sure you have no programs that access your audio device running in the background that might cause a conflict with playback.
Consider the possibility of a hardware issue

I am sorry I could not provide more further information, but this looks like your best bet right now. Someone may come along with a better answer on this.

thanx for replying

yeah i've tried with headphones, i've actually tried 4 different pairs hooked up to the external speakers and hooked up to the laptop itself and i still hear the feedback noises, i've also tried just the build in speakers and there is noise as well...the thing is is it's always different, i could listen to the exact same song 5 times in a row and it's always in different places, i could listen to it 5 different ways and and the noise is always in different places and louder in some cases and sometimes softer and sometimes just a skipping rather than the buzzing.

everything was fine for the first 2 weeks of using the laptop then the noises started, did some updating of drivers and the bios and it got worse, then i did system recovery and it was perfect,even the audio quality was better and then after two weeks the noise started up again.....i would think if it was a hardware problem it wouldnt go away for that long of a period and then come back....i dont move my laptop it sits on my desk.

thank you for the boost and gain info i have been trying to figure out what proper settings would be for this laptop and can't find anything anywhere

one question what programs would access the audio in the background that might cause problems?

thanx again


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I don't know for sure about whats booting, so you'd want to go to Start -> Search -> msconfig and select the Startup tab. This is everything that starts on your computer by default. Carefully, try and identify anything sound related (not the drivers or driver software, of course).

Whatever happened during that two weeks might be the cause of your problem. During that two weeks, something in the environment is changing on your computer. If you can narrow down what that is, maybe you can eliminate the noise.

could it be from something non audio related? cuz it seems that if i just have music playing and i dont do anything else whatsoevever then i dont get noise....problem is is i dont just listen to music or i dont just watch videos...i check my email i surf i do other things as well. could it possibly be something associated with my browsers? i dont use internet explorer that often i usually use chrome.

i've checked msconfig and i actually have very little that starts up with the computer and nothing audio related actually starts up....i'm trying to think what i could have installed that might be causing the noise but thing is is when i did recovery i installed everything within like a couple hours and nothing has been installed over the past week.


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Looks to me like interference from other parts of computer, probably hard disk. I've seen it many times but on desktop computers - every grind disk makes is audible through speakers or headphones. But if I'm right it should be there no matter what OS you're running and if its only on Win7...

Also, please check in your bios if sound card IRQ is shared with some other devices. Some hardware doesn't like IRQ sharing.

thanx hawk and mike

so before seeing your post hawk i used advanced system caare and repaired a tonne of registry errors i also downloaded the latest driver directly from the realtek website which happens to be like 2 days old and my system was saying i was up to date and the hp website said i was up to date...when i actually wasn't so i uninstalled the old one and did a clean install of the new driver......i've deactivated any sort of extra settings for the audio in the realtek software...and i was just about to say that i've made it thru 5 songs without any problems but i just got a short buzzing and i'm getting skipping or breaks in the song

regarding your comment hawk about the sound coming from hardware i was kinda thinking that and thought maybe it was due to my dvd rom drive running, but then i was getting stuff even when i wasn't using it

i will check the bios settings and see what they say

so i just tried to check soundcard irq in the bios menu on system start up and there's not even an option there for me to even check it, nothing to do with audio


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If its Award bios you may try pressing CTRL+F1 to unhide advanced options, but I guess it'll be HP branded bios. You may also test if its interference from disk by playing some music on headphones and doing for example file search on disk to keep it busy for a while.


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If mine is going through wireless the speakers that sit next to it make a crackling sound. As soon as I switch to a wired connection the noise goes away. I think the speakers are picking up the wireless signal.

i could see where that could happen....they could also be too close to each other as well....but as i dont have wireless speakers and it happens not just on the speakers i haven't really looked into that

thank you to everyone who tried to help with their comments today i contacted hp and they're having fed ex drop off shipping materials for me to send in the laptop for servicing as they think it's a faulty soundcard, it's under warranty so they'll either figure it out or give me a brand new one...hopefully i can get thru the 9 days without a computer lol

thanx again


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i could see where that could happen....they could also be too close to each other as well....but as i dont have wireless speakers and it happens not just on the speakers i haven't really looked into that
These speakers are wired. I usually use my laptop like a desktop. It has wires running to the router, tv, printer, external h/d and either computer speakers, earbuds or stereo. But sometimes I like to disconnect everything and carry it over to my easy chair and play with it while I watch tv. That's when I use it wireless and every time I hook the speakers back up before I disable the wireless they crackle.

Maybe you could hook an ethernet wire to it and disable the wireless just as a something else to try. It couldn't hurt.

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