Please help! Internet network connection problem in Windows XP

Hi all! I am overseas right now so I tried to solve my mom's computer issue over TeamViewer and on the phone but was unable to and I don't know what the hell is going on with her computer!

1st of all, she is able to connect to her wireless network but in an unusual way in which it says she is not even connected! Every couple of minutes she is forced to reconnect to her wireless network manually and this same thing happens every couple of minutes. I don't know if she accidentally changed settings or something? Her computer seems to be acting as a "gateway"....the links below provide screenshots which I took to see if any of you could help me in seeing what the problem is...

Thanks again in advance for your help!



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It could be a couple of things but since it might be a problem with the network card, firewall, IP, DNS, computer, and you will not be able to help her with TeamViewer if she gets disconnected all the time, I suggest she calls her local server company and they can fix it for her over the phone. It would be alot easier for both of you. Even if she doesn't understand computers, they will be able to guide her through it.

nevermind! I removed all the network cards and restarted the computer and it now works! thx again!

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