Please help Lot of BSOD's

Hi everyone i am new to this forum,
Please help me identify the problems which is causing blue screens, i tried , cant figure it out so kindly help me in resolving this issues.
Thank you all.
OS Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
CPU Amd Athlon 64 x2 dual core 6000+ 3GHz
Motherboard ASUS M2A Vm-HDMI
Memory 4GB (4X1024) Dual-Channel DDR2
Graphics Card Sapphire Radeon HD 5670 512mb


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Thank you TorrentG for very quick reply i will remove panda and check it. thank you again hope this solves my prob.

Sure thing, you're welcome. If you still have issues, post new crash dumps.

And also, download and run CPU-Z. Post a screen shot each of the spd and memory tabs.

But ya, the above should set it all up well.

hello everyone i am still getting bsod's i uploaded new dump files and cpu-z screen shots, please help me to figure this out . thank you


Go into the bios and Load the Optimized Defaults on the first page. Save.

Your memory is very underclocked, working too slowly and also causing crashes.

Your pc will work faster like this too, as a side benefit. :)

Please post a new screen shot of the memory tab when done.

Hello TorrentG thankyou once again for your quick reply:D ,i had gone to bios and loaded save defaults , but there is no difference afterwards , cpu-z reading is same, in bios there is option save defaults, is that the same one u said or optimized defaults is other one? :confused: plz clarify me, iam uploading my mother board image , thank u again.:)


You're welcome. You posted the wrong tab. Please post the memory tab instead.

Optimized Defaults is the one you want to load, then save.

iam posting mem tab dram freq is generally 200mhz and is changing iam posting varied dram freq. thank u.
Sorry but i cant find any optimized defaults in bios settings , there is only load defaults in bios ,call you help me to figure it out thank you


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You just posted 3 different CPU-Z memory tabs. Please post exactly what it looks like now for the memory tab. Just 1 screen shot.

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hello TorrentG i figured it out my system was actually in power saving mode that why d-ram is changing , i changed power plan to high performance and every thing is fine now i will upload cpu-z images , but there is prob now my cpu cores are runing at 50c at idle is there any solution that i can get this in balanced power mode :confused:. thank u


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