Please help me before I go insane.

I'm running Window 7, build 7600 I believe.

Here are my problems:

1.) Recently I've been having this problem where explorer doesn't refresh--sometimes. For example, when I delete or move an item, it doesn't change on the screen until I manually refresh with F5. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesnt.

2.) Sometimes it hangs when I shut down or log off. Sometimes it doesn't.

3.) There's a certain program I use. Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn't.

4.) This shortcut to an application I have installed keeps returning, no matter how many times I delete it. It's not a virus; I've used it many times in the past (in fact it's software that came with my laptop).

I am at my wit's end...I love Windows 7 but I'm starting to regret installing it. Please, help me.

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Not the best answer but your computer hardware may not be compatible with W7, mind you, your post was in 2009 so you've probably sorted it now?


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Maybe he went insane by now?

He Probably Did, That Would Drive Me Nuts Too!!

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