Windows 7 Please help me install video drivers


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Jan 21, 2009
The application to install the Intel 945gm chipset in my Gateway MT6840 (lappy) will not install, as it realizes it is not running on Vista. I have isolated the drivers Vista claims in properties, so is there a way I can force 7 to use these drivers instead?

It is running in the wrong resolution as well as the wrong aspect ratio.

Failing all else, is there a way I can force it to produce a custom resolution? I need 1280x800.

* as a sidenote: In 16 years of using MS, this is the first time I've ever been excited about a development. I feel like a Mac user, only without the Prius.
There's nothing wrong with being excited about a development! Mac or PC! Or both in my case. :) When you try to install your Gateway drivers, it detects Windows 7 and won't let you install? Do you have the actual Gateway drivers or is it an .exe? If you have the .ini (or whatever file format they come in) you can right-click the current driver and select "Update Driver Software" then drill down to the directory containing the drivers you would like to try. Are you using Win7 32-Bit or 64-Bit? Make sure you have right drivers. Have you also tried Windows Update to find the correct drivers?
The drivers download as an application (several different fies and an installer), and Windows is up to date. "Standard VGA graphics adapter" is what appears in system, and any attempt to direct Windows to the files that were extracted tells me I already have the correct driver. Essentially, I don't know how to tell Windows there is a different display adapter than the one it thinks it is using.

I've never understood how to install drivers, outside of the old fashioned way of simply forcing them in the registry in the Win 95 days.
Right click on the driver installation exe and choose the compatibility tab. Run the driver in Vista compatibility mode.
I have similar problem with GMA945. But i managed get drivers through Windows update. every time i try to install old Vista drivers, 7 crashes.
But the problem is: i`m trying to connect old TV, all i get is gray picture, can`t find where i can change NTSC/PAL modes...

Any ideas?
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