Please help me!! Limited Access come out of nowhere and now cant get online!!


I have a new Acer laptop and have been happily connecting to the internet here at home for the last 2 weeks with NO PROBLEMS! All of a sudden however, after about 1 minute of connecting it kicks me off and says I have limited access.

I have been reading other posts and the solutions, but I admit, Im not particularly computer savvy and dont really understand what everyone is talking about out there.

If there is anyone who can help me to understand what to do as though they were talking to a dumb 5 year old, I would be really grateful!!

Thanks so much.


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How are you connecting?

If wirelessly via a router try making a wired connection to see if you are having problems with wireless.

After checking a wired connections and it works then type in you address into your explorer search bar and open your web based router page. Under setup, look for MAC Address Clone tab, click it, enable clone service, then click clone your PC MAC and see if that works for you.

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