Windows 7 Please help me .This sound crackling/breaking is driving me mad :(

Hi Guys,

Whenever i try to play any high end games such as Battlefield 3,COD or L.A Noire , My sound starts to crackle just after 2-3 mins of gameplay.

Strangely, This happens ONLY during games . And it stops when i exit the game after 5-10 mins. I have no problem in sounds while running any other applications such as listening to music, web browsing or watching high def movies etc .

I am using windows 7 ultimate, Ram - 8 GB , i7 2.8 GHZ , nVidia 560TI 1 Gb and Realtek sound drivers.

Here is what i've tried so far after reading several other forums over here--

1. Installed latest Realtek and Nvidia drivers .

2. DPC Latency Checker goes all the way to RED during games. So, I've tried disabling drivers one by one in "device manger" such as network adapters and Realtek high Definition audio too. But problem still persists . The only way to stop crackling is to exit game and wait for 5-10 mins.

I know you guys are expert here so please help me to rectify this issue. Any help would be appreciated . Thanks !!! :)


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Not a gamer but I'm sure I've seen to "rebuildaudiocache" of the offending games. How you do that though......

Beyond that I'm of no use to you at all!!

does this command works in any game?


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Hmm. I believe its something to do with the games "console" in Steam(?) Games.

Honestly don't know! Hoping someone who does will stumble across this!

As far i know,this commands works under in Left4Dead . Still suffering from stuttering in LA Noire.

Anyone ? please. I tried everything , but it just won't budge.

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