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Hello, I'm brand new to this website but because I absolutely cannot find a fix using my usual methods I'm crying out for help on this forum. I've been using Windows 7 for quite a while now, and up until a few days ago I was sticking with Windows 7 Build 7048 64-bit edition. Because for some reason when I installed Build 7100 64-bit edition, I kept getting BSOD. Not wanting to deal with it ATM I just simply reinstalled 7048 and was on my merry way. Unfortunatly 7048 is set to expire in 8 days, so figuring that the problem obviously must be solved by now, I installed a fresh copy of Build 7127. However, the BSOD plauged me once again. I then realized that there was a newer build, 7232, and installed a fresh copy of that. Again BSOD. So, I'm posting a picture of the exact BSOD that I took with my Touch HD, hopefully it's a good enough pic. I'll also be listing my details here,

CPU: AMD ATHLON 64 FX-74 ~3.0 GHz (2 of these processors)
GRAPHICS: NVIDIA GEFORCE 8800GT (2 of these running in SLI mode)
HARD DRIVE: 160GB SATA HD 7200RPM (for OS) 500GB SATA HD 7200RPM (2 of these running in RAID 0 for a total of 1TB for media)
NAS: D-Link DNS-323 1.5TB SATA HD 7200RPM (2 running in RAID 0 for a total of 3TB for network storage)

Not sure if any other specs are relevant, if they are I'll be glad to post them so that I can get this problem fixed.

Please Help,

Thank You

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Can you narrow down when the blue screen happens, or does it appear to be random? It almost seems to be some piece of hardware that you have, because the BSOD follows you from build to build. It would be good to get a hold of the dump file. Can you get that for us?

Well I've rolled back to 7048 because I couldn't stand it BSOD'ing all the time, as for when it happens, let's see, I can garuntee it BSODing when I try to unzip a really large file, it generally restarts when I go to my computer in the morning, so with no real programs running it will restart just about every night. No dump file because I rolled back sorry about that.

See here and here

This is a very varied problem error code. I don't read dump files, but someone here may.

In your case I would run Windows Memory Diags for no less than 4 hours
Then run Memtest for the same. This could be a memory problem.
This is not an OS problem as you are getting it with different builds, so I am calling it hardware related.

Bad Memory or Hard drive or Motherboard or a combo of the 3.

Aa side note,,,, this is a common error among BartPE XP multibooting that needs the file modified.

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Niether of those really apply, I am not overclocking any of my components and I don't use symantec. I have rolled back to build 7048 and no BSOD, no matter what I do, on every other build after 7048 when unzipping a file, It garuntees a BSOD, however, now that I have 7048 back on my compy, no BSOD, and when I wake up in the morning my computer doesn't tell me that windows has recovered from an unexpected error....BSOD while I sleep.

This is a very varied stop error. It happens across many windows OS builds for many different reasons.
It is one of those, "your pc is hosed, but that's all we can tell you" errors.

I also want to point out that I have installed 7100 x64 and 7229 x64 without a single BSOD or crash of any kind.
So, I would say,,, either you have a hardware problem that is not manifesting under that interim build not meant for public use, or you have corrupted installations of all the other builds,,, I had to burn all my 7 disks at 2x or they had install problems.

Whatever the case,,, it could be a fluke that will not manifest itself ever again, or you will get RTM and have the BSOD's which will probably be related to bad hardware. You are getting BSOD's across numerous builds,....

A: you have bad build disks

B: you have bad hardware

C: you are installing/doing something that is corrupting the system

There is the possibility of D: not ready yet / corrupted drivers

A: I suppose is possible...I've created numerous install discs, from XP to 7 without any problems until now but, I'll try burning it really slowly.
B: Can't imagine my hardware is bad, haven't had any issues with XP, Vista, or 7 until after 7048.
C: I've installed every windows Operating system since 98, I would think I have the process down by now.
D: I don't understand what driver has possibly changed to give me this BSOD when the drivers that I used in the previous builds didn't have any issues.

All I can say is, I have only installed 7100 X64 and 7229 x64 without any issues at all,, so have a lot of others.. so this is specific only to you. Something with your setup, something you are doing/installing or the way you are doing it.

Or the other things I mentioned, again,, this is a very vauge and varied error message

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Thanks for the input, I've burned a new disc that I'll try installing again, I'm imagining that it must be a driver issue, because I just finished installing XP on a partition and Vista 64-bit on another, and all of the OS's work flawlessly, so I'm assuming that MS must have made a certain driver default and whichever one it is, leads to the BSOD, Thanks again.

I am able to "decipher" BSOD dump files, so if you need any of those decrypted, PM me. I am able to tell you what file caused the problem, what the bug_check_code was, what the parameters was (if any) and how many times you have crashed due to that specific error.

Thanks for the help, I will upload the dump files when I finish my new install with my new 7232 disc.

Alright, I've reburned the Disc and so far so good, no BSOD....(knocks on wood), hopefully my computer stays happy, will be burning all OS discs at 1x from now on.

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