Windows 7 Please help - no internet?


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Upgraded my Vista Ultimate desktop PC to Windows 7 RC and everything works perfectly... apart from the fact that I can't get an internet connection.

I have a wired ethernet connectio to my adsl router and the router is connected to the internet, as my laptop does still have access.

The wierd thing is Windows 7 is talking to the router just fine. DCHP is working and it get's an IP address no problem and I can log in to the router. But the router <===> internet connection is broken.

Anyone any ideas what could be wrong and how to fix it? I have tried disabling and re-enabling the network adapter and that does not work. I have also rebooted the router and that doesn't help either. I have searched for new network adapter drivers (Marvell Yukon) but the ones I have seem to be the latest.

Any suggestions?


Well, I have managed to get it working by setting up a static ip address and dns servers and then going back to automatic settings, and it connected to the internet. Whether it will keep working after a reboot, who knows.
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I upgraded from Vista and 7 installed its own driver, which is later than the Vista one. I tried installing the Vista driver instead and it made no difference.

The problem would appear to be something to do with DHCP not working properly. If I change to a static IP address and then change it back to automatic again, it fixes the problem.

Funnily enough though, the static IP doesn't fix it itself. I still can't get an internet connection even with the static IP. It's only the change back to Automatic that fixes the problem.
I have this problem to. I can get a wireless connection, but the OS only sees the local network on a wired connection; it doesn't foward packets to the internet. There doesn't seem to be any way to fix it, I will have to try your solution next.
OK - I can confirm that for me, manually-entered IP address and DNS servers *does* fix the problem. I can now reliably boot up and surf the web.

If I switch back to automatic, then the problem re-occurs and I have to fiddle about for ages to get the internet back again.

For me, this is a workable fix.