PLEASE HELP - Saved attachment from Gmail and lost all changes

Update: I ended up having to rewrite the paper, but thanks all

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I also posted this in Google Groups:

I am desperate for help. I opened a docx attachment in Gmail and saved repeatedly throughout. I stupidly did not Save As, which I normally do, just did Save. I then went to open what I thought was the document and found that it is in the same unfinished state as the original attachment. I have Windows 7 and use IE 10. I have tried all the solutions for looking for Temp files that were given at this link: Google Groups. None have worked. Does anyone have any advice? This is a school paper due in just a couple hours :(

Thank you

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A few things you could try but the simple one off approach is what I'd do - goto My Computer, enter *.docx in the search box and run the search. This will find every docx on your pc.

Thank you so much. I had tried that this time but couldn't find it. I ended having to rewrite the entire paper, but I will try to remember that tip in the future.

thanks again,

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