Please Help. User at a complete loss. (A unique problem)

Last night after all the troubles with getting W7 Pro 64bit installed, I finally managed to do it using a USB.

This morning I start installing all my programs and I noticed that my "Windows Experience" number was 1.0 (it had formerly been 5.0). I assumed this was down to it not recognising my graphics card (Geforce 9600M GS).

I downloaded the drivers from Nvidia and installed them. Upon restarting, I received an unexpected error message giving me the option to repair the problem or run windows normally. The latter just caused the machine to restart everytime it was chosen, and the former took the system restore window.

Upon doing this it managed to get me back to the desktop and everything seemed fine. I tried installing the drivers again and it led to the same problem.

By this point I decided to try and reinstall windows from my USB stick. I performed the first section of this, it started on its own as its supposed to, and began trying to complete the installation. At the point where it said "Setup is starting services", a warning appeared saying:

"The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered and unexpected error. Installation cannto proceed. To install Windows click OK to restart the computer and the installation."

Sure enough, clicking OK leads me to exactly the same message.

After getting sick of this I tried installing W7 for a third time and exactly the same thing happened. Now I am stuck with the choice of 3 Windows 7's on boot, all three leading to the same error.

I am completely lost, can anyone help?

Specs - 1 year old Samsung R560 Core 2 Duo 2GHz 250GB Formerly running 32bit Vista-->64bit W7 Pro


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Are you saying the 1.0 score was or you don't know for sure it was a graphics number that brought the score down?

Have you tried starting in safe mode? Maybe you could run the system is basic VGA mode to see if it is the video driver.

Have you checked with Samsung about the problem?

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