PLEASE HELP!! Windows 7 Crash


my computer crashed and it wouldn't start up.. so i was told to load the installation cd and click repair. I did that but nothing would work. So i was playing around with it and i ended up installing windows 7 again on my computer on partition 3 or something. i dont know what this means. so now all my files are gone. and i mean ALL. is there a way to get my files back? there was no process that said deleting previous files or anything it just loaded windows 7 again. pleaseee help. i'm a student and i desperately need my computer back to normal again.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance!

Do you have your previous 7 installation untouched, can you access that partition ?

Do you have your previous 7 installation untouched, can you access that partition ?
Not sure. There are two partitions thats i've used. The first one is the one with everything on it. And the one im using now has nothing on it. I have no idea how I did this but I just kinda pressed any botton I thought would make it work. How can I access the other partition I was using with everything on it?

I've downloaded partition wizard (easues didn't work with 64 bit) and i couldn't find any of my files. What exactly do i look under?


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I downloaded Easeus and I looked under C: OS and some of my files were there. Under $WINDOWS. ~Q there was an ITunes folder with a couple of songs in it (I had much more) and a couple of old pictures from the other partition. What do I do now to recover my files?

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