please help!!! windows 7, everything blank, can't see anything!

so last night my computer was in the middle of a download which i now is the cause of the issues i'm having, but i've completely gotten rid of it and done several scans and made sure there was no inflicting damage or viruses on my pc! so after all of that, my toshiba did a start up repair and supposedly restored itself, well. now my programs look like this.

7gn2t.png 39Xpw.png

i seriously have no idea why this is happening and seriously, get this. not all of my programs look like this, some are working and are completely fine like nothing ever happened. i usually use AOL instant messenger and it did the same, i used google chrome and it was completely blank and my internet explorer did the same thing as well. so far, no one knows what this issue is and it's absolutely unbearable. my toshiba didn't come with a system recovery disc so i am without it and when trying to burn one last night, it just wouldn't work. please help! :(:(:(:(:(

i tried this and it said everything was fine no issues or anything

i did a system diagnostics and this is what came up 7jVZb.png


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Have you checked the Device Manager to see if you can find the device mentioned? I did a search and could not find it using the ID given in your attachment. Maybe you could find another ID, like a HardwareID in the properties option of the listing.

If you find it and cannot just reinstall the driver, you may have to uninstall it and let Windows find it again. If the installed driver is corrupt and Windows can't figure that out, when you uninstall the drivers, it gives you an option to remove all versions, which might be an option for you.

Device Manager can be brought up by typing devmgmt.msc in the start menu search box, or Winkey+Pause and the upper left corner of the window.

Or you can just start typing Device Manager in the Search box but, it'll pop up on the Start Menue before you finish typing. Toshiba laptops (most laptops, actually) don't come w/ Recovery discs... the End User is supposed to burn them as part of the intial set-up (of a new machine) and before starting to use the computer. There is, however, 1 way around this roadblock... get your hands on a Windows 7 disc & never mind Repair, do a Clean install... pull any "I want to keep it" data off the HDD 1st, of course, if you can... anyway, when it gets to asking for the Key, use the 1 on the OS label affixed to the bottom of your laptop. This will bbe a lot better,quicker & more of a sure bet than mucking about trying to 'fix' the present mess that you have.

Oh, & though you gave no specifics, if you are or were downloading from some P2P site (utorrent, bittorrent or whatever) do not do that anymore.

If you rebuild use MSE & IE9, just an educated recommendation, not an order


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