Please help.

Hi guys.

Unfortunately I have lovely neighbours who keep hacking me and have done on my windows laptop for the last 7 months.

I want to switch off any facilities that allow them to make any changes to the laptop that will cause it to have problems.

So I would like network sharing off. Remote Desktop and remote admin and also any vpn site to site connections because they use them on all devices.

They have set up a Smb file share on my router.

How do I use the internet without them being able to play around and mess up my laptop.

It’s the second time it’s been wiped.

Also does anyone know how I can create a recovery usb and how I use it if I need it.

I have an updated Lenovo yoga 500 that was updated from win 8 to win 10 please help.


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Reset your router and secure it

I did it this morning changed admin password and Wifi key but still no luck I’m making strong passwords but because they have dropped SSL on my devices and have set up vpn tunnel directly to each device they can retrieve the password. Because I’m assuming it’s not encrypted right ?? For example on my iPhone they are using software called forticlient to remotely stick a vpn client on there and then I’m teathered to them also they have changed the routers boot up settings when it boots up it shows 2 access points with the same name and then the UPnP commands are applied and I think it’s like binding my router to one of their devices. Because when I was skimming through the xml (I don’t know much) there was mention of get a value set new value. Also I think they are using kali Linux for pentesting software because I have ssh port open constantly over public ip PPTP and something called squid http. They are going around my hub fire wall by port forward to port 0 and that’s being impletemented even after a factory reset I’ve had 4 hubs. Any advice literally most of my device certificates are self signed. Their using a upnp program called cling and I think they are using metasploit. I literally can’t get on quick enough to defend myself as soon as my laptop goes on they start day and night it doesn’t stop. I’ve reported it to the police they have been useless. And Bt are dragging their heels I have proof of what’s going. They attempted to lock me out of my laptop but I reset the passwords then tried to fiddle with registry to stop me from using my profile then they put a password on the admin account and then remove the driver software for the Wifi off my laptop to stop me from going online anyway that doesn’t matter any more I fixed it but what you think ? They’ve even made my ip static. If they are on the same subnet is there a way I can reverse the connection and trace their public IP because I was wondering if I’m running off their internet and they’ve turned off my dhcp and using my router as some sort of wireless extension is that possible ? If it is can I use the dhcp address to catch them ?


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Again reset the router, and reflash the firmware and remove the vpn clients

Right so I restored my iPhone last week and then reset the router this week but I’m struggling to get the pc to restore. I don’t have a disk and that’s why I ask about the recovery. Plus I’ve tried this a million times I can’t get out of the loop


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Buddy, you can make your mac binding on your router
and relieve this problems

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Yeah wouldn't after resetting the router, choose the longest string password you can, and then enable MAC address filtering pretty much stop anyone from taking control of the router? Unless they figure our your password of course.

Axel PC

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This thread has me intrigued. I want to know what happens now lol.


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What kind of neighbors does this guy have?

My home hub doesn’t have Mac filtering plus I’ve had upto like 9 Mac spoofed Mac addresses a day. I reckon they are using a pentesting tool particularly metasploit just because of all the information I’ve been researching. I’ve been sending the details to Bt internet security team so I’m waiting for a call off them tomorrow.

As to regard to the neighbours. I think one of them is a software programmer because I’m pretty sure they’ve changed they flashed my router because it’s not booting up like it did before I moved. The only reason I know it’s them is because of thin walls and them boasting about it.

And these people are clearly damaged to be constantly connecting to my internet atleast once a day. Why bother ??

My life is so uninteresting.

Im thinking of getting a professional in but it’s so expensive plus. They are Cisco trained. Everything they are doing is Cisco network related like a lot of the stuff that I’ve accidentally come across and google has come straight up with Cisco related information.

I’m also annoyed by the fact that not only have they hacked my internet but when they have they have also hacked each device connected and add a site to site vpn so when I’m away from my house on someone else’s Wifi or on my mobile data they can still access whatever I’m using.

So pathetic!

Anyone wanna house swap lol


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Why not just get a new router if you can't reflash yours? I don't see how they would hack the router you have now unless it has publicly known exploits. They aren't just going to be able to hack your router unless they have an exploit for it, the most they could do is use an exploit in the Wi-Fi Security Protocol you have, and then they would only have access to your Wi-Fi network, nothing major.

Trust me, if they can remotely flash firmware to your router, your router has exploits that are known or they found. Also, are you saying these people are remotely installing a VPN on your phone or something?

I’ve had 4 Bt home hubs sent from Bt i think they are getting round my router by port connecting and port forwarding through port 0 keeps showing that they are setting up port forwarding rules. I’ve put a vpn on every device I got but somehow they are getting round it. My iPhone WiFi disconnects now when I lock it. From my technical logs my devices are constantly dropping out and reconnecting I don’t know if this is worth mentioning to Bt as this could help them with their investigation

Yeah they are because their vpn they’ve installed on my iPhone isnt well hidden it will ask me now and again to enter a password for it so yeah they are using a vpn to directly connect to my devices


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This is obviously something wrong with the firmware of the Hub. Temporarily until you get this issue fixed get another router if you need your Wi-Fi right now. If not, just temporarily use your iPhone's data and make it a hotspot for your laptop.

Yeah I will do i just wanted to know what networking features I need to switch off to resolve remote administration etc


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I'm really not sure about them remotely installing the VPN to your iPhone. Your router can't just make your phone install an application. If it could, this would be a problem with iOS and something Apple needs to fix. I seriously doubt that an exploit like this exists inside of the latest iOS.. do you ever see a [VPN] icon in your Status Bar of your iPhone?

Yeah I have my own vpn but even before I did I’d switch the phone on and it would ask for a vpn password. Apples answer is a restore and I’ve done that. I’ve heard of something called fortified or some software that you can remotely add vpns to devices but I’m not sure how it’s done.


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I really wish your phone wouldn't have been restored, because then you could've jailbroken it and used a Cydia Tweak such as Filza to go into your File System and see every app installed on the device, and remove the VPN completely.

Can I not do that now. They are using Linux OS so I’m wondering if they can see root files etc. Because on my android I have all these lib files being dumped. And I can’t delete them off the android. For example one is called libcrypto

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