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Hey guys i really need some help on this error im getting...few days ago i baught new parts for my pc Asus p5n-d 4 gigs of patriot ram....And as i installed it i guess it deleted my windows so what i did is i installed my windows xp home and it installed fine then The same day i installed windows 7 and i ran setup and it copied the files ok but when it reaches to the point saying starting up for first time use my computer restarts...and i get a blue screen saying irq not less or equal...ok so i reinstalled xp and i install windows vista same thing copies the files and gets the the last bullet of installation then just restarts and my pc keeps i cant even install vista or 7 just xp? whats causing the blue screen irql Please help guys thanks.

Basically my computer keeps restarting when its about to boot windows..


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Its the RAM. This message will most commonly appear on that reason alone. You need to try swapping the sticks, or just use one stick and use process of elimination. Find out if they are all bad.

If you have a 2nd computer or can somehow burn a disc, try this to test the memory as well:

Needless to say, it is a hardware problem will need replacement. Check first to make sure all of the modules are installed securely and clicked in securely. Try switching them around or finding out if only one module is bad by using 1 slot to test each one.

Thanks for the reply bro I have 4 gigs of ram 2 sticks.. they r both in my yellow slots...will it affect me to put them in my black 2 spots that i have...

What i will try is....Memtest

Swap out the sticks

Put them in diffrent slots

Run 1 stick during setup

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