Please, Help!

I have an Acer AX3400G-U4802 that froze during the Windows Update. It wouldn't boot after that. It kept showing a screen telling me to boot again (or something like that, I can't really remember, I'm sorry if this causes trouble with identifying the problem). I purchased a Windows 7 disc to format it. After the install of Windows 7, it seemed to run fine. I had the computer on over night because I fell asleep watching some YouTube Videos. The next morning, it began freezing up. It would come back after a couple minutes then freeze again. I restarted it several times but it still did it again. I left it alone for awhile because I had errands to run. When I came back the computer was doing the Windows Updates again. This time it did not freeze and they all installed fine. However the freezing was still there. I originally thought the freezing was due to Firefox and Adobe Flash Player not getting along. Apparently that wasn't it as I restarted again and it wouldn't boot. After some frustrating time passed, I decided to attempt to format again but it wouldn't boot the disc. I swapped out the hard drives, I have 3 all together varying in size, and the same thing happened with all three. My main question is, could the DVD rom be the cause of this, as I wasn't able to load the disc? And could the DVD rom going out be the cause of the freezing as well?

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also noted, when I attempted the second format it is now saying it cannot find the drivers for the dvd rom.

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