Please, Please, Please help me! :((( Major BSOD

Hi All,

Since about 10am this morning my PC has suddenly started suffering regular BSODs.

Attached are the things requested in sticky, plus some extra info.

The computer will start normally run normally for an hour or more then crash. The crash happens like this:

First whatever I am doing, gaming, photoshop, desktop will freeze. I try to bing up task manager but get an error saying it cannot open (see jpeg error01).

Then if I have the desktop visible all the icons dissappear, like when windows explorer crashes, then normally the PC will crash and either restart, or BSOD then restart.

The BSOD gives no direct info in capitals at the top, and there is no minidump file produced, even though things are configured like in the sticky.

Additional info:

No software installations or changes for a few days excpet updates (last installation the cry editor 4 days ago)

No hardware changes for a long time.

Antivirus - Microsoft securoty essentials.

Here are some additional images of errors that come up before the BSOD =

BSOD.jpg error01.jpg error02.jpg error03.jpg error04.jpg error05.jpg

This just suddenly started happening today, apparently for no reason, I am worried it could be very serious... more than just a memory that needs replacing. :((

PC =

GIGABYTE Motherboard Z68X-UD4-B3
Intel i7 2600K SB (x38 OC)
nVidia Geforce GTX 580 (normal clock)
16 GB RAM @ 1600Mhz
3 Drives (C: and F: drives crucial SSD, D: WD HDD)

Like I said, no changes or installations... the PC has been fine like this for ages. PC can also work fine for over an hour before any problems. RealTemp shows nothing out of the ordinary... PC is a little dusty, Ive been meaning to clean it, but its not THAT bad, I've seen far worse.

Please can someone help? I also just lost my job recently and have no income, so I really cant afford to take this to a store to get it looked at :((

Thanks in advace,



I just found this thread, where the person (as best as I can make out) says that the problem could be caused by the battery.

Could the battery dying really cause a crash after 30 mins or an hour after the PC has been turned on?

However through the whole thread, causes are cited as either, battery, RAM, HDD, or corrupt installation... which doesnt get a whole lot closer to an answer :( (just add faulty CPU or GPU and that covers everything!!)

There is also this which talks about the minidump file not getting saved correctly.

The problem is I am not sure I really understand what hes saying about it... is it something to do with my C:/ drive being an SSD drive? When my PC was put together a year ago the person who installed windows didnt bother changing IDE to ACHI in the bios, so I had to enable the drivers manually in the regisrty... but i did that well over six months ago and its been running fine.

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Today I ran Memtest86+ v4.20 for seven and a half hours. In that time it completed 4 full passes of the 16Gb of ram installed and found no errors. I also (on the advice of the store that built the PC) tired removing 2 memory cards at a time and seeing if the problem persisted. So i tired 2 x 4GB in slots DDR3_1 and DDR3_2 and then the other 2 x 4GB. The crashes still persisted.

I also ran system file checker (sfc /scannow) and it found no errors.

Here is the Memtest86 finish page:

xtra - Memtest86.jpg

Please, does anyone have any suggestions?? I am running out of time, my PC components guarentee is up in literally a few days.



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