Please Share Your Experience - Enterprise Windows XP to WIndows 7

Hello all;

I am working with an organization in moving from Windows XP to Windows 7 for 20,000 devices. I am hoping that some of you have done a deployment of this size and would be willing to share your experience, major challenges and tips. Deployment will be done via LAN. I have overseen software rollouts to these devices however changing the OS offers up it's own set of challenges. Suggestions/answers to even simple questions such as can a user continue working while the OS change is occuring would be greatly appreciated.


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I'm just an amature. First thing is to make sure the actual PCs are Windows 7 capable. Depending on age there may issues with hardware and any existing software you intend to use. I would run the Windows Upgrade Adviser Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor - Download - Microsoft Windows on each unit. Then you will know about compatibility issues before the actual install. You may need new drivers or software updates. Some software may not even work on Windows 7. I don't believe there is a direct upgrade from XP to Windows 7. Good luck!

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