pls help w/organizing icons in folder windows (yikes....)

in general I like to always organize icons in folder windows thus:

view -> arrange by type.. but when I do this in Windows 7 it does two very odd things:

1) the icons get turned into generic icons that all look the same (they're kidding, right?)
2) the extension of the files disappear (I have "hide extensions" turned off; I always need to see extensions..)

now what on earth is the rationale for this.. I need this to work the same as XP: group files by type but don't change the icons, don't hide the extensions... (oh brother...) oh -- and this always in list view (most of the time I use list view..)

thank you..


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What happens may depend on what folder or type of folder you are in. It seems in a normal folder, they are listed by type, but in a Library folder, they are handled differently, and placed in "folders" instead of individual files. Opening the "folder" will show all the files listed as the same type.

oh? a folder inside Library is not a "normal" folder???

you're right -- this works as I want it to work only in folder that are outside "Library" so I can't make this work the same in folders inside "Library"?? now what on earth is the rationale for this? sorry, but this makes no sense.. :-( so I can't organize folders inside "Library" the way I want to.. this is my biggest problem with Microsoft: they always pretend they know what users want... this is not good..

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