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pls anyone help me... my ibm thinkpad r31 cannot boot because it always need a password but i do not know whats the password because my kids played this laptop and they accidentally put a password on it.... is there a universal password for this? and is it possible to bypass this password... what should i do... pls help... thanks in advance..


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If the password is appearing before the boot process (i.e. before you see the Windows logo), this is very likely a BIOS password. In this case, you would need to reset the CMOS for this laptop by either resetting a jumper or removing the CMOS battery itself. Since laptops are inherently compact and difficult to correct in a modular way, it is best advised that you contact IBM/Lenovo support. It is very likely you have been locked out of the system entirely.

If the password problem is occurring after Windows boots up (the Welcome screen), you may want to see this thread:

If it is occurring prior to boot-up of the system, you should contact Lenovo/IBM. It is very unlikely that they would make any way to circumvent a BIOS password public knowledge if such method exists. In this situation, if you brought this system in for repair for me I would very likely be doing some serious hardware adjustments which may void your warranty. If the password prompt is coming up as soon as you turn on the computer, you very likely have no way to solve the problem other than to call their support.

If it is in Windows it is possible to use the above mentioned boot disc to reset Windows NT-based kerberos passwords.


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thanks for the advice it helps me a lot

But, have you solved the problem yet?

A tip: When removing the CMOS battery, inside a computer, to reset the BIOS, it is recommended that the battery be left out for at least 20 to 30 minutes to completely discharge the memory cells in the BIOS chip. All other power should also be removed from the system.
On a laptop, take out the main battery and remove the power supply plug from the laptop.

On a desktop PC, remove all power from the system by unplugging the power cord and of course, removing the CMOS battery.
The CMOS password will be gone, along with the time, date and other recorded settings after the advised 20-30 minute interval.

Good Luck!
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top left corner of the motherboard there is a i think either a 3 pin or 4 pin connector , if you follow the connector it should go into the power supply, remove it and reseat it

or on the motherboard there should a button or a switch, press this, i think it says RESET

or as postewd above remove the CMOS battery which is like a watch battery for a bit and reseat it

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