Plugin for Exploer to expand folders in the main window

Hey everyone,

I was wondering is there any plugin for Windows 7 that allows you to expand a folder without actually clicking into the folder?

Basically the functionality that is in the navigation pane but not for the main explorer window...

OS X and Ubuntu both have this feature, anyone know of a plugin for explorer or a registry tweak to add this functionality (for the main window)???

Here are the screenshots of OS X and Ubuntu so you know exactly of what I'm talking about...


os_x.png nautilus.png


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I'm not sure if I understood exactly what you need but open My Computer and click on "Organize" and choose "Folder and Search options" and in "General", choose "Single-click to open and item" and click OK.

Hi zvit,

Nope, I'm looking for a plugin that lets me open a folder's contents by clicking a little arrow to the left of it... like OS X List view

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